Mobile Digital Video Recorder

MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) system is a cutting-edge technology that provides real-time video and audio recording capabilities for vehicles such as buses, trucks, and taxis. This system includes high-quality cameras, microphones, and a digital recorder that captures footage of the vehicle's surroundings, as well as any audio that may be relevant. The MDVR system is designed to enhance safety and security by providing an accurate and reliable record of events that occur during transit. It can also be used to monitor driver behaviour and improve operational efficiency.

T633L 4G

Video Recorder
Video Recorder4G


The T633L is an impressive 4G vehicle tracker. This unit can connect to multiple accessories: RFID/iButton, camera and LED Nixie Tube Display. In addition, it supports driving behavior analysis, fuel level monitoring and temperature monitoring.


  • Maximize I/O Flexibility
  • CAN Bus Interface
  • Anti-theft
  • Two-way Conversation
  • Take Picture
  • Fleet Scheduling
  • Driver Authorization

Video Recorder


The T333 is a robust and multifunctional vehicle tracker specially designed for container trucks, logistics vehicles, buses and rental cars. It provides excellent and stable performance in vehicle tracking and fleet management.


  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • CAN bus interface (Optional)
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Fleet scheduling
  • Take picture
  • Driver authorization
  • Two-way audio
  • SOS alert

Video Recorder2G/3G/4G (LTE Cat 1/4/M1/NB2)

T366 Series

The T366 series are IP67 water-resistant units that come in four versions running on GSM, WCDMA, LTE Cat M1/Cat NB2 and LTE Cat 1/Cat 4 networks respectively. They have precise positioning and can be installed into cars, motorcycles, yachts, and boats.


  • IP67 water resistant
  • Flexible configurable I/O
  • High temperature resistant
  • Anti-jammer
  • Two-way audio
  • Polygon geo-fence
  • Activate output by event

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